Virginia Beach Dining & Drinks

Virginia Beach Dining & Drinks

Where to eat and drink in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach’s dining and drinks scene is a vibrant reflection of its coastal environment, offering everything from laid-back beach bars to sophisticated restaurants with ocean views. Seafood naturally takes center stage, with spots like Waterman’s Surfside Grille serving up fresh catches alongside their famous Orange Crush cocktails. For craft beer enthusiasts, breweries such as Commonwealth Brewing Co. provide a taste of local hops and inventive brews. The oceanfront provides a lively backdrop for sipping on cocktails at chic rooftop bars or enjoying casual meals at cafes with panoramic views of the Atlantic. In Virginia Beach, the blend of beachy casual eats and upscale dining, complemented by an array of local brews and creative cocktails, ensures that every meal and every sip capture the essence of beach living at its best.

Terrapin Restaurant

Terrapin Restaurant presents an elegant dining atmosphere tucked away just steps from the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Renowned for its commitment to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, Terrapin offers a menu that highlights the best of seasonal American cuisine, crafted with precision and creativity by skilled chefs. The restaurant’s interior, characterized by its warm, inviting ambiance and sophisticated décor, complements the exquisite dining experience. It’s a perfect choice for food enthusiasts seeking a high-end meal with a focus on the integrity of the ingredients and innovative culinary techniques.

Waterman’s Surfside Grille

Located right on the Virginia Beach oceanfront, Waterman’s Surfside Grille captures the essence of beach dining with its stunning views and relaxed atmosphere. It’s celebrated for its fresh seafood dishes and the original Orange Crush cocktail, a refreshing blend that has become a local legend. Waterman’s offers a diverse menu that caters to all, from seafood lovers to those preferring turf over surf, making it an ideal spot for family dinners, casual lunches, or sunset drinks. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and its prime location make it a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience Virginia Beach’s culinary delights firsthand.

Catch 31 Fish House & Bar

Located in the heart of Virginia Beach’s oceanfront, Catch 31 Fish House & Bar offers a dynamic dining experience with its open kitchen, wood-fired grills, and extensive raw bar. The menu, which focuses on fresh seafood and prime steaks, is complemented by an impressive selection of wines and inventive cocktails, all enjoyed against the backdrop of panoramic Atlantic Ocean views.

Commonwealth Brewing Co.

Set in a beautifully converted Chesapeake Bay firehouse, Commonwealth Brewing Co. offers a unique ambiance for enjoying its wide selection of craft beers. From bold IPAs to refreshing lagers, each brew is crafted with care and expertise, reflecting the diversity and creativity of Virginia Beach’s craft beer scene. The brewery’s spacious outdoor beer garden and vibrant community events make it a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike.

Back Bay Brewing Co.

Back Bay Brewing Co. captures the laid-back essence of Virginia Beach with its rustic decor and friendly atmosphere. Specializing in craft beer, this brewery offers an impressive range of styles, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate. Located near the oceanfront, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day at the beach with a cold, handcrafted beer in hand.

Chick’s Oyster Bar

Chick’s Oyster Bar is more than just a seafood restaurant; it’s a Virginia Beach institution known for its lively atmosphere and stunning waterfront location. Guests can enjoy a variety of beers and cocktails while taking in the panoramic views of the Lynnhaven River, often accompanied by live music. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to relax, dine, and drink in a picturesque setting.

Tautog’s Restaurant

Set in a quaint, converted beach cottage, Tautog’s Restaurant provides a warm, inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy a wide array of seafood dishes and American classics. Known for its attentive service and cozy decor, Tautog’s has become a favorite among those seeking a more intimate dining experience in Virginia Beach, with a menu that highlights the best of local flavors.

Blue Seafood & Spirits

Blue Seafood & Spirits stands out for its commitment to sustainability and high-quality ingredients, offering a menu that features some of the best seafood in Virginia Beach. The intimate, friendly atmosphere of this award-winning restaurant is perfect for those looking to enjoy expertly prepared dishes, from classic seafood favorites to innovative culinary creations, in a more personal dining setting.

The Atlantic on Pacific

The Atlantic on Pacific is an upscale establishment that not only boasts a vast selection of oysters and shellfish but also offers a sophisticated menu of seafood dishes, craft cocktails, and an extensive wine list. The Atlantic on Pacific provides a refined yet relaxed atmosphere where guests can indulge in the freshest catches and explore a world of flavors, all while enjoying the chic, modern decor.

The Bunker Brewpub & Cadence Hall

Combining the best of Virginia Beach’s craft beer with a vibrant music scene, The Bunker Brewpub & Cadence Hall offers an unforgettable experience. Housed within the same space as Young Veterans Brewing Company, guests can enjoy innovative brews while listening to live performances in a uniquely military-themed venue that pays homage to the area’s rich history and community spirit.

Gringo’s Taqueria

While known for its mouthwatering tacos, Gringo’s Taqueria also boasts an impressive selection of tequilas and craft cocktails, making it a favorite spot for drinks in Virginia Beach. The lively, colorful atmosphere and friendly service create a fun and welcoming environment where guests can unwind and enjoy some of the best drinks the city has to offer.

Repeal Bourbons and Burgers

Nestled in the heart of Virginia Beach, Repeal Bourbons and Burgers offers a unique nod to the Prohibition era with its extensive selection of bourbon and gourmet burgers. This restaurant and bar blend a rustic, vintage atmosphere with modern culinary flair, providing a dining and drinking experience that’s both rich in history and flavor.

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