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What to Know for Golfing in Virginia Beach

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Considering a golf getaway to Virginia Beach? Here’s everything you need to enhance your trip from good to great, focusing not just on the spectacular golf courses and your accommodations, but also on the climate, location, dining, and additional leisure activities that Virginia Beach has to offer.

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Why Choose Virginia Beach for Your Golf Trip?

Virginia Beach isn’t just a scenic beach destination; it’s a golfer’s paradise too. With around half a dozen top-quality golf courses within a 30-minute drive from the Oceanfront and another dozen within an hour’s reach, it offers a diverse golfing experience. Whether you’re looking for the challenge of a championship course or the leisure of a more forgiving layout, Virginia Beach has something to fit your game.

Where Exactly is Virginia Beach?

Situated in the southeastern corner of Virginia, Virginia Beach boasts a prime location with easy access from several major cities. It’s about 2 hours east of Richmond, less than 4 hours from Washington DC and Northern Virginia, a little over 6 hours from Philadelphia, and under 8 hours from New York City, making it an accessible getaway for a memorable golf vacation.

The Best Time to Visit for Golf

Virginia Beach’s golf season peaks in the spring and fall, with March and November offering attractive early and late season deals, including free replays and other perks. For the best weather and course conditions, aim for mid-April through early June or late September through early November. Summer months, while busier and pricier, offer a perfect blend of golf during the day and beach relaxation afterward.

What’s the Weather Like?

Golfing is a year-round activity in Virginia Beach, thanks to its mild climate. The winter chill typically lifts by early April, giving way to moderate temperatures that last through early November. The best times for golf weather-wise are April, October, and November, which offer a comfortable climate with minimal rainfall.

Travel Tip: For the ideal mix of pleasant weather, excellent course conditions, and attractive pricing, consider planning your trip for the last week of October through early November.

What are the best Virginia Beach golf courses and lodging options?

Virginia Beach and its surroundings boast a dozen championship golf courses open to the public, offering a variety of play styles and scenic views. Accommodations range from beachfront hotels along the Oceanfront boardwalk, providing easy access to post-golf entertainment and dining, to condos and affordable beach house rentals available outside the peak summer season.

How are the restaurants and bars in Virginia Beach?

The culinary scene in Virginia Beach, particularly around the Oceanfront, is vibrant and diverse, with plenty of dining options to satisfy any palate. The nightlife is just as lively, with bars and spots along Atlantic Avenue offering fun and relaxation after a day on the green. Not to be missed is the Virginia Marine Science Museum for a dose of culture and the bustling Town Center for dining and shopping.

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